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The Circles SDK provides comprehensive tools for building applications, integrating Circles into existing platforms, and innovating with the Circles protocol.

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Empowering Universal Basic Income (UBI): Imagine a world where financial ecosystems thrive on mutual support and sustainability—Circles SDK is your toolkit for crafting such a circular economy. It enables you to develop UBI systems that not only provide a financial foundation for everyone but also encourage the flow of value within communities.

Tokenising Communities with Ease: With Circles SDK, managing digital currencies for any group becomes a breeze, enhancing community engagement and economic interaction.

Sybil-Resistant Identity Verification: Step into a future where digital identities are both secure and privacy-respecting. Circles SDK provides the tools for sybil-resistant verification, ensuring authentic and fair participation in your applications.

Drive Social Impact: Leverage Circles SDK to create applications that empower communities, foster economic inclusivity, and provide new ways of defining identity and trust in the digital world.

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